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goblets6green3.jpg (17153 bytes)
Green Shades Goblets 
gobletcupswhite2greens.jpg (22884 bytes)
Full Bottom Cup/Goblets 
goblet blue.jpg (13634 bytes) goblet 7 in green blue.jpg (6645 bytes) goblet black.jpg (19094 bytes)
dark blue,silver trim; blue green; green copper swirls;  black w silver $35
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goblet grape blue.jpg (20208 bytes)
purple and blue goblet $35 Add to Order
shabbosgobletcandlstick.jpg (20338 bytes)
Shabbos Set--Kiddush Cup, Candlsticks, Coaster
goblet art black 8 inch.jpg (6247 bytes) goblet 3 arty .jpg (14341 bytes)   . 
Art Goblets/Jewelry Trees Jewelry $35Add to Order
goblet green copper swirl.jpg (6178 bytes)
Green Copper Goblet 
goblet wrapped green.jpg (6368 bytes)Green Coiled Goblet $35Add to Order

goblet green.jpg (18200 bytes)   goblet brown.jpg (13212 bytes)  

goblet brown blue.jpg (14627 bytes)  gobletbrownwhitestripped.jpg (11102 bytes)
                                                brown tan $35Add to Order

  goblet ligh dark blue.jpg (29129 bytes) goblet light blue.jpg (15582 bytes)  

  goblet white tall stemjpg.jpg (8247 bytes) goblet white long stem2.jpg (9479 bytes) 

goblets chun red coil ragged.jpg (7722 bytes)
Copper Red Coil Goblets 

woven square angled pot.jpg (75156 bytes)

2AinOde.jpg (129323 bytes)
'Ain ode Milvado

There is Nothing Besides Him

2BetzelmoBetzelemElokim.jpg (68831 bytes)
In the Image of G-d was Man Created
Beraishis Genesis
Chanukah.jpg (52083 bytes)
4"x6" 'Chanukah'
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basket sparkle light blue side.jpg (10705 bytes)
GGlow -in-The-Dark Multi Media ~11x12" basket $120.Add to Order
Baskets/Wall Hangings.

basket sparle blue cloth rim large.jpg (32190 bytes)
Large Light Blue, Glow-in-the-Dark, Basket     
not currently available

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